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Only 144 remodeling days till the holiday season!!

We’re officially at the end of the summer months now, and with the holidays rapidly approaching, you might have started to organize parties or gatherings, look for the perfect gifts, and think about simple ways to update and decorate your outdated kitchen! If you’re at a bit of a loss on how to update your kitchen, you’re in luck because we’ve got easy and cost-effective solutions to suit your budget!

There are so many fun things you can do when it comes to sprucing up your kitchen. Whether you’re adding a little touch of greenery or incorporating a pretty pop of color, changing things up in the kitchen every once in a while, will make it feel fresh.

Holiday kitchen decorating ideas should be simple and quick so you can focus on the festivities! You could:

· Tie ribbons in a bow on each cabinet or chair.

· Place star decals strategically on cabinet doors.

· Hang garland or lights above each cabinet, window or doorway.

While all of those options can be beautiful, If your kitchen cabinets are outdated, no amount of greenery can cover them.

If you want to modernize your kitchen without the hefty cost of a renovation, refinishing your cabinets is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to update It and give them a fresh new look. And when you are given the freedom to customize your color palette, you will feel like you had a designer helping you along the way!

As professional cabinet refinishers, we use state of the art, imported, industrial grade paint, specifically made for cabinet refinishing, which in turn, gives your cabinets a factory finish. Our consultants will help you choose the perfect color for your kitchen. Our craftsmen will renew your old cabinets and even install your updated hardware, all of which will give your dated kitchen a fresh new look. Let’s face it, a lot of holiday baking magic and family fun happens in that kitchen space of yours, so why not treat it with love for the holidays…it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple touches like a new coat of paint can make your holiday season shinny and bright! And if you want to spread more holiday cheer, invite everyone over to show it off and toast to your new kitchen!

So, Happy Pre-Holidays! We want you to be able to look forward to the season of twinkle lights and love in a new kitchen of your dreams!

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