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The new lineup of 2021 cabinet colors is beautiful and we are so excited to share them with you! Paint color for kitchen or bathroom cabinets is a BIG commitment we know! Maybe you are starting to think about what may work for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and love the new trends. It’s always fun to see what the new color trends are and we are excited to tell you what designers have shared with us for fall 2021!

2021 Cabinet Color Trends Basic cool gray is definitely out. “THE CABINET COLOR THAT IS REALLY NEW FOR FALL 2021 ARE SHADES OF BLUE GREEN WITH A HINT OF GRAY.”


  1. Grayed green blue

  2. Greige to Beige

  3. Forest and yellowed greens

  4. Grayed blue

  5. Deep bronze

  6. Coffee stains

“WITH A PANDEMIC AND COCOONING IN OUR HOMES, IT IS NO SURPRISE THAT SOOTHING MUTED COLORS THAT BRING THE OUTDOORS IN ARE PREVAILING!” Muted and warmer colors are also a general theme in the interior paint world for the coming year.

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