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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

We usually think of luck as something that's out of our control, expecting something or someone to descend on us from the clouds and improve life for us. Waiting around for luck instead of creating it for yourself can create negativity and resentment, forcing you to see other people's good fortune as the result of good luck rather than good choices.

Here are our seven tips and tricks to being more lucky:

1. Meditate. Research has shown that lucky people are 20 per cent more likely to practice meditation regularly.

2. Smile more – on average, lucky people smile twice as much as those who feel they are unlucky.

3. Practice relaxed, open body language. Don’t fold your arms across your body or hunch your shoulders. Video experiments show that lucky people display three times as many ‘open’ body language cues than other people.

4. Talk to strangers. Whether you’re in the supermarket queue or on a long flight, talking to strangers boosts your chances of attracting a new opportunity. When self-described lucky individuals recounted their lucky breaks, many of them cited a lucky chance encounter as being pivotal.

5. Maintain your social networks. Make an effort to get back in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time. Research shows that lucky people tend to be in regular contact with a wide social network.

6. Introduce random chances into your life – for example, rearrange your furniture, wear the outfit that has been sitting in your closet for 3 years, paint your living room a bright color, redo your kitchen or refinish your cabinets. (we can help with that)

7. Have Goals and make them happen –Most people who described themselves as unlucky are not making the changes they need. Stop dreaming and start doing.

AND Good luck!

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