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Are you looking for a great kitchen makeover? Maybe your cabinets are plenty of years old and you don’t want to just buy new ones and install them yourself. Maybe the old ones work perfectly fine…but they don’t look perfectly fine.

Instead of spending all that time, energy, and money on simply getting new cabinets, try refinishing them with NuLook Cabinet Refinishing, LLC!

What is Refinishing?

Refinishing is the process of cleaning and lightly sanding the original layer of kitchen cabinet stain or paint and then applying a new stain, primer, or paint to the cabinet.

It’s proven to be a cost-effective way to maintain your kitchen cabinets, especially in the recent economy where lumber has increased in price tremendously! In fact, your existing kitchen cabinets can be updated with refinishing and appear as elegant as new cabinets for cost savings up to 35% or more!

And to top it all off, refinishing uses non-toxic materials that painting does not. The refinishing agent is, as mentioned, non-toxic, tintable, and water-based. That means that it can be mixed to match any color or stain of your kitchen cabinets, whether you like your old one or are looking for a new one.

Easy Steps to a Great Kitchen Makeover

Here at NuLook Cabinets Refinishing, LLC, we love refinishing kitchen cabinets so much, we based our business around it! We are based in Central Jersey but can access and work in all of New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia, too! So far we have serviced locations in Red Bank, Middletown, Holmdel, Princeton, Manasquan, Freehold, Long Beach Island, and more!

Get started on refinishing your kitchen cabinets for a great kitchen makeover by checking out our free estimate! Upload between 4 to 8 photos of your cabinets and we will contact you shortly about your estimate and then can begin servicing your kitchen!

Looking for Kitchen Refinishing Services?

We’d be happy to help! Please contact us at 732-955-0755 to get started on your great kitchen makeover!

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