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When you decide your kitchen needs an upgrade, one of your first considerations is what to do with your cabinets. Cabinets serve many purposes, from visual appeal to storage, and they are a defining feature in most kitchen layouts.

That means how you approach them impacts your project. You may be tempted to rip out your old cabinets right away, but repainting is an ideal alternative if you still like your current kitchen floor plan and the shape and style of your cabinets overall.

A large part of this decision comes down to how much time, money and change you’re looking for. Your situation and tastes also factor into whether you fully replace your kitchen cabinets or revitalize them with repainting.

Let’s go over what each option involves so you can gauge what’s right for your kitchen:

Replacing: If you opt for replacement, this means pulling out your existing cabinets and replacing them entirely with new ones. You can situate the new cabinets in the same spots as your old cabinets, or you can reconfigure the layout entirely. Reconfiguration might be easier if the existing flooring in your kitchen runs under your current cabinets. If it doesn’t, your cabinet project might also expand to include redoing your kitchen floor to make the floor uniform as well as level to ensure proper cabinet installation. The cabinet replacement process could include mounting new upper cabinets, securing base cabinets and leveling the counter surfaces. It also would consist of attaching the cabinet doors and adding final touches like handles and knobs. This process can become quite costly, and is time consuming and invasive.

Painting Your Cabinets

Just about any type of kitchen cabinets can be painted. Typically, homeowners consider painting because they are tired of their outdated stained cabinets. The latest in kitchen cabinets tend to be solid colors, or cabinets with a faux finish applied to it, typically known as French Country, or Farmhouse Shabby Chic.

So, the question remains, what should you do with your kitchen cabinets? Price out replacing your kitchen cabinets and suddenly, painting will look better and better.

The cost to paint a kitchen is typically 1/3 to ½ the cost of replacing. The specialty paint applied to the cabinets are also very durable and will last just as long as new cabinets in most cases. When you hire a professional refinishing company to handle your cabinet project; someone who has lots of experience with woodwork and uses the correct process and products, you will be amazed at how good the finished product will look. If you opt to repaint your cabinets, this choice will still take thorough preparation, including removing hardware, detaching doors and cleaning the cabinets. Preparation also includes sanding and priming the wooden surfaces before finally applying several coats of your color choice of paint, and installing hinges and handles.

For any home renovation projects, the finishing details do matter — and are usually best achieved through proper prep completed by a skilled professional.

Repainting can give your kitchen a new look while working with what you already have. Revamping your space with this method means you’ll have a speedy, convenient and cost-effective cabinet project. Here are some of the positives about repainting your kitchen cabinets:

1. Can Be Completed in a Short Timeframe

Specific timeframes vary depending on the size of your kitchen, but generally, professional repainting takes three to five days. Some tasks may add time to the project, like adding crown molding or doing small repairs, but overall, applying the paint is quick. Even drying time in between coats is short. If you hire a skilled crew, the project should take about a week.

2. Gives Your Space an Updated Look

Cabinets can become dull in appearance over time, but if they were solidly-built to start, refinishing them is the best route. Repainting can restore your cabinets, giving them an up-to-date look and bringing back their original beauty.

A well-executed paint job covers the cabinet’s existing surface. If you no longer want the look of just straight wood, for example, you can opt for a beautiful solid color instead — without having to replace your cabinets completely.

3. Can Be a More Relaxed and Easy Process

Repainting can be more convenient than replacing your cabinets entirely because you can update your kitchen without having to move appliances or worry about damage to your countertops, among other factors. You can just put a protective covering over everything and get to work. Opting for repainting also means you don’t have to get used to a different layout like you might if you were to replace your cabinets. You’re just looking to bring back the original beauty of your existing cabinets, so there is no change in your setup.

4. Can Be an Affordable Option

With the paint and handiwork as the primary expenses, repainting kitchen cabinets can be budget-friendly. Depending on the quality of the products and the hired contractors, adding fresh paint is affordable and a reasonable investment.

When Is Repainting Not the Best Option?

Repainting brings many advantages. However, repainting only works if you have a solid foundation. That means if your cabinets are not the sturdiest and are constructed out of something such as thin plywood, or particle board, repainting them won’t add any kind of reinforcement to their strength. Similarly, if your cabinets are in disrepair, with a lot of chips, cracks and other wear, it may be possible to cover up some of it with paint, but it won’t fix the underlying issues. Repainting is entirely a cosmetic boost that can protect the surfaces of your cabinets. It is not a structural fix.

In most cases, the elements to consider when you’re deciding whether to repaint or replace your kitchen cabinets come down to time, convenience, cost, condition, appearance and material. We at Nulook are always available to speak with and help you in this decision-making process. Feel free to contact us about a free estimate

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