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Are you in need of some pop and personality in your kitchen and don’t have endless funds? Then, open your mind to the idea of enhancing your space with painted cabinets.

Colored cabinets are suddenly becoming the “go to” in the hub of the home - your kitchen. As we took refuge in our homes from the COVID crisis, colorful kitchens began trending again. The right designer color on kitchen cabinets adds a dimension of sophistication and charm to this 'family' room.

Let’s look at why painted cabinets have become fashionable once again, which colors are most popular, and how you can introduce them into your kitchen.

Homeowners have been swapping older cabinetry for painted versions that enliven their cook and prep spaces. They are no longer feeling like they must default to white or wood. While gray and navy are still popular accent colors to off-set white, newly trending are the soft, earthy greens.

For families spending more time at home, and on a budget, painted kitchen cabinets offer a new look without the cost, disruption, time and labor associated with a total kitchen overhaul. Most often, cabinets are in great shape and good quality, but the color just isn't the homeowners' taste anymore. This is when painting is most beneficial. Painting those outdated cabinets is also a much faster process. Paint jobs need only take five to seven days, compared to months for new cabinetry.

Currently, kitchen cabinets are now being looked at almost as an accent wall in the kitchen. And changing them with a fresh coat of paint is a quicker, and still impactful way to update this space. To achieve the best results with painted cabinets, select a color that will complement your existing design; be sure to consider your counter tops, backsplash, fixtures and flooring. Torn between two different hues? Consider creating a two-toned kitchen. Having fun with color on the lower cabinets or your island can be a great way to incorporate color without having to commit to an entire kitchen of colored cabinets.

If you are looking for an easy, cost-effective way to introduce more color into your home, painted cabinetry is the way to go. To end up with a factory finish on your cabinets, be sure you hire a refinisher as opposed to a general painting contractor. Refinishers, like us, go through special training so we can spray the very specific, industrial strength coatings which are necessary for durability and to achieve that factory finish. Refinishers also are not limited to single color processes and can help you create a look all your own using glazing and other techniques. Contact us today to begin your new kitchen journey and take comfort in knowing we ARE expert refinishers. We can’t wait to meet you!

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